Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ken Day

Ken Day. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 13, 2017. View the completely plastic playlist for 3-13-17 (CLICK HERE)

Jay Som, Jesca Hoop, Laura Marling, Adna, Fleet Foxes, alt-J

Ken is Barbie's boyfriend. Like Barbie, he is forever young and constantly reinvented (for example, the original Ken had felt hair, but from 1962 on he has been sporting lower-maintenance plastic molded hair). Ken's “into” everything – he's had at least 40 careers, although his career-hopping is dwarfed by Barbie's 78+ careers!
It is not at all clear, however, if he is “into” getting married. In 2004, after decades of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Barbie and Ken split up but (according to manufacturer Mattel) remained friends. In 2011, again according to Mattel, Ken launched a massive campaign to get Barbie back. It seems to me that it couldn't have been that “massive,” however, because by Valentine's Day (2/14) of that year, the power couple was reunited.

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