Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Birthday Show

The Birthday Show. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 29, 2014. View the completely hypnotic playlist fir 9-29-14 (CLICK HERE)

Wishes with Ages and Ages, Second Sky, Alt-J, Garden City Movement, GRMLN

Emotionally spontaneous and a romantic at heart, you are imaginative, generous, and good-humored. You tend to avoid the more difficult aspects of life and people. At times, you may be impractical and lazy, as you are especially fond of comfort and ease. In love, you are restless and impulsive, and perhaps a little too quick to jump into a relationship. Your emotions are strong and changeable - you're very hard to read!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Fall. The Hub Radio Show Monday September 22, 2014. View the completely autumnal playlist for 9-22-14 (CLICK HERE)

The Frost, Long John Baldry, Dave Mason, The Move, The Flock and ohm.

Autumn, interchangeably known as fall in the US and Canada,[1] is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere), when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier and the temperature cools considerably. One of its main features is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees as they pave way for further growth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cry A Little

 Cry A Little. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 15, 2015. View the completely pliant playlist for 9-15-14 (CLICK HERE)

Weep no more Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, Harry Nilsson and the usual suspects.

Fall Fundraiser www.KXCI.org

The word "camaro" in the French-English dictionary to mean "friend, pal, or comrade". The word camaro was meant to imply, that the car's name "suggests the comradeship of good friends, as a personal car should be to its owner.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ummmmmmm. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 8, 2014. View the completely noncommittal playlist for 9-8-14 (CLICK HERE)

Wee with Bass Drum of Death, Death From Above 1979, Museum Mouth, Half Japanese, The Fat White Family woo.

Fall membership Drive www.KXCI.org

Despite the name, flying squirrels cannot actually fly, although they can be airborne for a remarkable length of time. Instead of flying, flying squirrels move through the air by gliding (normally between the trees).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Strength Prosperity Well-Being

Strength Prosperity Well-Being. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 1, 2014. View the completely solid playlist for 9-1-14 (CLICK HERE)

Be Bop a lu lu Bahamas, Fink, Helado Negro, Castanets and workers

A job's about a lot more than a paycheck. It's about your dignity, it's about your place in the community, it's about who you are.