Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What The What...

What The What...  The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 25, 2011.  View the completely perplexing playlist for 4/25/11 (CLICK HERE)

Confusing tunes performed by tUnE-yArDs, Thao & Mirah, EMA, Jookabox, Theophilus London, Handsome Furs, James Pants, Seapony, Panda Bear and many more baffling artists.

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They went to London to crash the Royal wedding.  After a night of drinking at The Spotted Pig, Kate awoke on the lawn and saw the omniverous grenade flower devouring everything in its path.  She fled to get help, but never saw another living soul.  She was the only one left at the Inn.  The others had been consumed by this rare tropical flesh eater.  She began to shiver as the plant quietly wrapped a tentacle around her left leg.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What The Heck?!

What The Heck?! The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 28, 2011.  View the completely baffling playlist for 4/18/11 (CLICK HERE) 

The mostly perplexing music provided by I'm From Barcelona, Generationals, The Kills, Cold Cave, Crystal Stilts, Justice, Lord Huron, Noah23, Gold Panda and several more regular flow artists.

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Jaime wanted to wear the Bunny mask to the live Hullabaloo broadcast.  On her way to Studio City, she tried the fiberglass head on.  It smelled like the inside of a rental bowling shoe.  She could barely see out of the mesh mouth, but she felt safe inside.  She started to get dizzy and passed out briefly and dreamed of falling.  When she awoke fully, she was on the studio dance floor moving slowly as Paul Revere and the Raiders lip-synched Kicks.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hippie Hub...for no reason at all...just a Hippie Dang Hub!

Hippie Hub in love.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 11, 2011.  View the entirely righteous playlist for 4/11/11 (CLICK HERE) 

The shake, rattle and hum provided by 5th Dimension, Sagittarius, Earth Opera, Harvey Mandel, Jo Mama, The Flock, Space Opera, Patto, The Small Faces, Crazy Horse, Love, Moby Grape, Dennis Coffey, and more.

Stream live and check out past playlists at http://www.kxci.org/

I was on TV
The Glam Fairy gave her smokey eyes and she wore my little pony in her hair like a barrette.  It was over the top, but she was in love and she was with the woman of her dreams.  Through the tears, dancing, kisses, and running around she looked like a princess for one night.
Later, she softly purged and brushed her teeth with a mascara brush.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm A Killer Whale!

I'm A Killer Whale!  The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 4, 2011.  To view the completely cetacean playlist for 4/4/11 (CLICK HERE) 

The vigorously hit notes provided by Summer Camp, The Raveonettes, Parts & Labor, Rainbow Arabia, Stateless, Eternal Tapestry, White Hills and several more artists who struck with a resounding smart blow.

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A penny for your...
The shaved dome had become popular and Michael liked the way it showed off a new heart tattoo on his forehead.  He walked in a field of daisies and thought of his new life as an animal trainer at Sea World.  To perform with the orcas was a life-long dream come true. Tomorrow he would ride Tilikum like Hercules on Pegasus.