Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Music For Staring At Candles

Music For Staring At Candles. The Hub Radio Show Monday June 23, 2014. View the completely listener generated playlist for 6-23-14 (CLICK HERE)

Run and hide Spoon, Jack White, The Rentals, Sonic Avenues, Greys, Parquet Courts

And then the betrayal that, wow, you're completely stripped bare because it's from the inside. It's an inside job. I really liked the idea that Scarlet takes a taxi all the way... all the way down. Because, let's face it, the people—she doesn't want to hitch a ride with anybody she knows, are you kidding me? I kind of loved the idea that all these things can happen in a stranger's car.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm Not There

I'm Not There. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 9, 2014. Big thanks to Dal for sitting in. View the completely suitable playlist (CLICK HERE)

There are many benefits that come from social leisure, such as the development of character, self-identity, and understanding of a communal setting or hierarchy. One key ingredient of social leisure that tends to be overlooked is the concept of mealtime being an important part of social leisure. It is during mealtimes where many individuals develop their social skills and character that defines an individual.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep On Creepin' On

Keep On Creepin' On. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 2, 2014. View the completely stealth playlist for 6-2-14 (CLICK HERE)

Nominal readings The Orwells, Archie Bronson Outfit, Parquet Courts, Gold-Bears, Herzog and

DalĂ­ was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics