Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rock Hiatus

Rock Hiatus. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 25, 2013. View the completely mineral free playlist for 2/25/2013 (CLICK HERE)

Do the do with Kurt Vile, Speck Mountain, Jim James
Low, October Gold, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Kacey Johansing and less.

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Abominable Ukeman
Not the monster animated in popular film, Yuki was a novice ukulele player and had a pleasant singing voice. He was shy and not a great communicator, but he loved to write songs and free them to the mountain wind. Later...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Empty Canvas Is Full

An Empty Canvas Is Full. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 18, 2013. View the completely zen playlist for 2/18/2013 (CLICK HERE)

We closed our eyes and chanted with The Strokes, Wavves, Superhuman Happiness, LA Font, Beach Fossils and you know.

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Smokin' Monkey
Chuck hosted a smokin' monkey in his skull. It started as a goodwill gesture to prove he was not anti-simian and later became the most popular attraction at the Pima County Fair. Later...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When Bad Music Happens To Good People

When Bad Music Happens To Good People. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 11, 2013. View the completely unfair playlist for 2/11/2013 (CLICK HERE)

We shrugged off that lethargic feeling with Local Natives, Sin Fang, Mice Parade, Loop 2.4.3, Javelin, Gold Fields and the rest.

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Cardinal Sin
As soon as word got out that we needed a new pontiff, Barney the Cardinal left his Sedona home and flew directly to Rome. With any luck he would be our first animal vicar. One short stop in Jamaica for coffee and then to his destiny. Later...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just Bad Luck

 Just Bad Luck. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 4, 2013. View the completely unfortunate playlist for 2/4/2013 (CLICK HERE)

Slip and slide with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Local Natives, Pascal Pinon, Big Harp, La Luz, Indians, Dog Bite and you know who.

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Murray's Big Elephant Head 
Murray always had the best costume for every party. The elephant head was paper mache, hand painted and weighed a ton. He had a hard time breathing once he suited up. Delirious, he saw the third arm and recoiled in horror. Later...