Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pool Party!

Pool Party! The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 27, 2013. View the completely splashed playlist for 5/27/13 (CLICK HERE)

Do the bump with Daft Punk , Jessie Ware, Sally Shapiro, Major Lazer, Tricky and flerp.

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Dream Takes Flight.
Barney was a good and loyal friend. He only swam when I did. All of his meals coincided with mine. One day his dream flew away. Barney lived another fifteen years and then flew away too. Later...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tap The Collective Unconscious

Tap The Collective Unconscious. The hub radio Show for Monday May 20, 2013. View the completely mapped playlist for 5/20/13 (CLICK HERE)

Repeat the mantra with Vampire Weekend, Crystal Fighters , Hockey, Young Hunting, Coma, Ms Mr and um.

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I Said Ar Ay Ar Ay Tee Tee
Ken cartooned as early as the third grade. He drew pictures of hodads and wahinis and had never seen a beach. The stories were like ancient fables, but no one ever died at the end. Later...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nothing's Worse Than Potential

Nothing's Worse Than Potential. The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 13, 2013. View the completely anxious playlist for 5/13/13 (CLICK HERE)

Nod your head Small Black , Majical Cloudz, Hockey, Coma, Pure X others

Maybe I'm Amazed www.KXCI.org

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Through My Eyes
Malcolm studied the sketches again looking for clues. Once he drifted off and dreamed of a magnetic force connecting his hand to the apple. This pie will fly. Later...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Loud Desperate Need For Approval

Loud Desperate Need For Approval. The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 6, 2013. View the completely exhausting playlist for 5/6/13 (CLICK HERE)

Feel the need with The Thermals, Akron/Family, Louis Matteo, Drazy Hoops, Pure X, Still Corners and well...

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The Wheels On The Bus
Darwin had telekinetic powers before he even learned to sign. His favorite feat of super-simian strength involved a crude abacus and an orange. Later...