Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Empathy My Eye!

Empathy My Eye! The Hub Radio Show for Monday January 27, 2014. View the completely copacetic playlist for 1/27/14 (CLICK HERE)

Oh yes Speedy Ortiz , Manchester Orchestra, Eating Out, Sun Club, FM359, Pontiak and them

The "eyes" are best seen when the peacock fans its tail. Both species have a crest atop the head. The female (peahen) Indian Peafowl has a mixture of dull green, brown, and grey in her plumage. Although she lacks the long upper tail coverts of the male, she has a crest. The female also displays her plumage to ward off female competition or signal danger to her young.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Day On

A Day On. The Hub Radio Show for Monday January 20, 2014. View the completely unselfish playlist for 1/20/14 (CLICK HERE)

Dream with STRFKR, Benjamin Verdoes, Dom La Nena, Boy & Bear and um.

Psychedelic Cave
The camera was an extension of the deepest part of his consciousness. He could barely look at the finished photos. Like looking at an ultrasound of his heart. Later...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Then and Now

Then and Now. The Hub Radio Show for Monday January 13, 2014. View the completely comparative playlist for 1/13/14 (CLICK HERE)

Then Clem Snide , Cursive, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Azure Ray Now Painted Palms, Ages and Ages, Solander and so it goes

Past Pendant
Icons from an age past. Barely jog a synapse to spark a slight memory of pain and public unease. Without the makeup she was just a jazz singer for a modern age. Later...