Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Hub 2012

Holiday Hub. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 17, 2012. View the completely festive playlist for 12/17/12 (CLICK HERE)

Jingle Jangle with Los Campesinos!, Flow Machines, Diamond Rugs, Wayfarer, Deep Sea Diver, Andrew Bird and others.

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Many thanks to the KXCI staff and fellow volunteers who work like crazy to keep this radio station on the air.

Tom found the mask in a Goodwill bin and smuggled it back home. He and his brother Bob built the derby racer and painted it with Mom's fingernail polish. He could barely see with the mask on and liked it that way. Later...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Transcend Something

Transcend Something. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 10, 2012. View the completely colated playlist for 12/10/12 (CLICK HERE)
Songs of interest Delicate Steve, Kaki King, Chilly Gonzales, Dana Falconberry, Martha Wainwright, Beach House, and you know.

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Always dig the tunes www.Soundcloud.com

Pieces Of Tim.  Tim was a rounder and a bounder and a railroad man. He wore his socks of glory with abounding grace. A glove for him, a leaf for her. Later...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Electrical Soil In Which The Spirit Lives

The Electrical Soil In Which The Spirit Lives. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 3, 2012. View the completely sprouted playlist for 12/3/12 (CLICK HERE)

Get your groove on with T. Rex Vs. KCRW Soundclash, Bondax, Kwes., Lana Del Rey, Slugabed and them.

Online Holiday auction www.KXCI.org

The Soundcloud experience www.Soundcloud.com

Mask Dance
They rehearsed in an abandoned warehouse downtown. The dance was freeform and pithy. On the night of the performance, the director handed out gas masks. All but one survived. Later...