Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Explore, Reference, Recreate, Abandon

Explore, Reference, Recreate, Abandon.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 25, 2012.  View the completely cyclical playlist for 6/25/12 (CLICK HERE)

We fussed and fought with The Walkmen, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, Y La Bamba, Cat Power, Hot Chip and the rest.

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Mort wore the TV glasses each and every day.  Sparked by the static electricity eminating from his bald dome, the specs broadcast a near contiuous stream of 50s black and white classics.  Sometimes he halucinated himself into the story.  Later...

Summer break--see you in a few.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Falling Out of Love

 Falling Out of Love.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 18, 2012.  View the completely melancoly playlist for 6/18/12 (CLICK HERE)

We huffed and puffed with Yeasayer, Icky Blossoms, Bear In Heaven, Blue Foundation, Cold Specks, Masha Qrella and the rest.

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Crying Castle Hat
Hannah was a twin.  He older sister (by 2 minutes) died at birth but lived in Hannah's heart like a genetic condition.  She was sad most of the time and she was particularly sad on her birthday.  No amount of well-wishing or congratulations would snap her out of this perpetual funk.  Later...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unsung Hereos

Unsung Hereos.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 11, 2012.  View the completely forgotten playlist for 6/11/12 (CLICK HERE)

We bridged the gap with Bob WelchJo Jo Gunne, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton, Robert Palmer, The Meters, Wishbone Ash, Flo & Eddie and others.

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Mystery Mom
Loves the prison tat and ain't afraid to leave an impression.  Her friend Laurie says she should be a bodybuilder or a wrestler or even box with that killer attitude.  Not smiling, clenching her ass cheeks together.  Later...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bring the Joy

Bring the Joy.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 4, 2012.  View the completely blissful playlist for 6/4/12 (CLICK HERE)

Dancing in the streets with Japandroids, PS I Love You, Crocodiles, Wax Idols, Friends, Ancient Astronauts, The Hundred In The Hands and more.

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Ear Stud
Michael was a model first and foremost.  As he became more involved in music, he decided to immortalize that commitment with ink on skin.  He was unaware of the old adage and as the ink penetrated the first few layers of dermal coating, his interest in notes and chords waned.  Later...