Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Good Hub

The Good Hub. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 29, 2014. View the completely legible playlist for 12-29-14 (CLICK HERE)

Panda Bear, Deerhoof, St. Vincent, Damon Albarn, How To Dress Well, Perfume Genius

"People are attracted to lists because we live in an era of overstimulation, especially in terms of information," says David Wallechinsky, a co-author of the fabulous Book of Lists, first published in 1977 and followed by subsequent editions. "And lists help us in organizing what is otherwise overwhelming."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Hub 2014

Holiday Hub 2014. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 22, 2014. View the completely jingle jangle playlist for 12-22-14 (CLICK HERE)

Molto Groovy with Carlo Poddighe, Fable Cry, Candy Claws, Spectators, The Rosebuds and ho ho ho

There's a new gift for the lumbersexual who has everything except something that'll make his face look like it's covered in strange metallic growths: Beard Baubles, which are Christmas tree ornaments for your beard.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Santastic! The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 15, 2014. View the completely Hohoho playlist at www.KXCI.org

Big thanks to DJ Riko for his consistently excellent Christmas 'Mixmas' every year. Visit his website to see the massively great collection of Holiday music. Also, DJ bc for the always entertaining 'Santastic' series. Much love there.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Punk. The Hub Radio Show Monday December 8, 2014. View the completely rude playlist for 12-8-14 (CLICK HERE)

The Clash, Husker Du, X, Raincoats, Descendants, Suicidal Tendencies, Sonic Youth and up

Punk rock (or simply punk) is a rock music genre that developed between 1969 and 1976 in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Rooted in garage rock and other forms of what is now known as protopunk music, punk rock bands eschewed perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock. Punk bands created fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics. Punk embraces a DIY ethic; many bands self-produced recordings and distributed them through informal channels.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday. The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 1, 2014. View the completely digital playlist for 12-1-14 (CLICK HERE)

Bahamas, Generationals, Field Report, Drgn King, Ex Hex, Machinedrum

The past Black Fridays saw far more deals for small appliances, cutlery, and kitchen gadgets on average than Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is larger for fashion retail. On the past two Cyber Mondays, there were an average of 45% more clothing deals than on Black Friday. There were also 50% more shoe deals on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks. The Hub Radio Show for Monday November 24, 2014. View the completely grateful playlist for 11-24-14 (CLICK HERE)

Celestial Shore, Hookworms, Prince Rupert's Drops, Drgn King, Nude Beach

You’ve heard the hymn “Count Your Blessings” (Hymns, no. 241). But did you know that literally counting your blessings increases your emotional health? Researchers had one group of students write for 20 minutes each day about things they were grateful for, a second about things they were angry about, and a third about random topics like the color of their shoes. Guess which group was happiest at the end of the experiment? The ones who wrote about things they were grateful for of course!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And Another One

Day off. New attitude. See you next week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day Off

I took a day off. Ray sat in for me last night Monday November 10, 2014. View his entire playlist for 11-10-14 (CLICK HERE)

Relive the second hour of the Hub from last week 11-3-14. Click the play button right.

Paid personal days are used to provide employees time off from work for reasons that may include activities such as parent-teacher conferences, voting, preparing for a family holiday party, visiting healthcare professionals for preventive treatment, and so forth. Personal days are just that – personal, and are used at the employee’s discretion.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Vote. The Hub Radio Show for Monday November 3, 2014. View the completely arbitrary playlist for 11-3-14 (CLICK HERE)

Cold War Kids, Ex Hex, Latvian Radio, Nude Beach, Hollands and um

A formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals.
An indication of choice, opinion, or will on a question, such as the choosing of a candidate, by or as if by some recognized means, such as a ballot: 10 votes for Jones.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Irrational Compulsion

Irrational Compulsion. The Hub Radio Show Monday October 27, 2014. View the completely spontaneous playlist for 10-27-14 (CLICK HERE)

Panda Bear, Cults, Sunbears!, The Van Allen Belt, Blue Hawaii and you know

Dr. Horder also believed her intention was clear. He stated that "No one who saw the care with which the kitchen was prepared could have interpreted her action as anything but an irrational compulsion. Plath had described the quality of her despair as "owl's talons clenching my heart."

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Information Overload

Information Overload. The Hub Radio Show for Monday October 20, 2014. View the completely honest playlist for 10-20-14 (CLICK HERE)

We danced to Priory, The Bots, Nude Beach, Ex Hex, Afternoons, Daniel Lanois and

People have finite limits to the amount of information they can assimilate and process at one time. When people go beyond these limits "overload" results. It is under these conditions that people will become confused and are likely to make poorer decisions based on the information they have received as opposed to making informed ones.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Columbus Day Observed

Columbus Day Observed. The Hub Radio Show for Monday October 13, 2014. View the completely obsolete playlist for 10-13-14 (CLICK HERE)

alt-J, Afternoons, Night Terrors of 1927, Bahamas, Broods, Generationals

Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado in 1906, and became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937, though people have celebrated Columbus's voyage since the colonial period. In 1792, New York City and other U.S. cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different

And Now for Something Completely Different. The Hub Radio Show for Monday October 6, 2014. View the completely old school playlist for 10-6-14 (CLICK HERE)

Sugarhill Gang, Tom Tom Club, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambaataa and the jam is on.

Sophia’s disapproving look in this iconic photograph taken by Delmar Watson was a perfectly captured moment of female jealousy. Mansfield to me was the carefree blonde and Loren, the feisty brunette. But of course, most of us have only seen this moment from one angle. There were other photographs taken that night in 1957 that give a little more context to Sophia’s infamous sideways glare…

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Birthday Show

The Birthday Show. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 29, 2014. View the completely hypnotic playlist fir 9-29-14 (CLICK HERE)

Wishes with Ages and Ages, Second Sky, Alt-J, Garden City Movement, GRMLN

Emotionally spontaneous and a romantic at heart, you are imaginative, generous, and good-humored. You tend to avoid the more difficult aspects of life and people. At times, you may be impractical and lazy, as you are especially fond of comfort and ease. In love, you are restless and impulsive, and perhaps a little too quick to jump into a relationship. Your emotions are strong and changeable - you're very hard to read!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Fall. The Hub Radio Show Monday September 22, 2014. View the completely autumnal playlist for 9-22-14 (CLICK HERE)

The Frost, Long John Baldry, Dave Mason, The Move, The Flock and ohm.

Autumn, interchangeably known as fall in the US and Canada,[1] is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere), when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier and the temperature cools considerably. One of its main features is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees as they pave way for further growth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cry A Little

 Cry A Little. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 15, 2015. View the completely pliant playlist for 9-15-14 (CLICK HERE)

Weep no more Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, Harry Nilsson and the usual suspects.

Fall Fundraiser www.KXCI.org

The word "camaro" in the French-English dictionary to mean "friend, pal, or comrade". The word camaro was meant to imply, that the car's name "suggests the comradeship of good friends, as a personal car should be to its owner.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ummmmmmm. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 8, 2014. View the completely noncommittal playlist for 9-8-14 (CLICK HERE)

Wee with Bass Drum of Death, Death From Above 1979, Museum Mouth, Half Japanese, The Fat White Family woo.

Fall membership Drive www.KXCI.org

Despite the name, flying squirrels cannot actually fly, although they can be airborne for a remarkable length of time. Instead of flying, flying squirrels move through the air by gliding (normally between the trees).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Strength Prosperity Well-Being

Strength Prosperity Well-Being. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 1, 2014. View the completely solid playlist for 9-1-14 (CLICK HERE)

Be Bop a lu lu Bahamas, Fink, Helado Negro, Castanets and workers

A job's about a lot more than a paycheck. It's about your dignity, it's about your place in the community, it's about who you are.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hug It Out

Hug It Out. The Hub Radio Show for Monday August 25, 2014. View the completely pacifist playlist for 8-25-14 (CLICK HERE)

Spare with Alvvays, Literature, Field Mouse, The Proper Ornaments, Braid and then...

Give someone a hug.  Go and give someone a real, meaningful hug.Someone you know needs one today. We lost a great man who appeared to have it all, but underneath that big smile and all those laughs was a sad soul who could have used hugs from everyone he knew. Take the time today to give someone that hug they so deserve.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Super Sensitive

Super Sensitive. The Hub Radio Show for Monday August 18, 2014. View the completely sensory playlist for 8-18-14 (CLICK HERE)

Breathe deep with Country Joe and the Fish, Country Weather, The Ballroom, Thorinshield, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman

Highly Sensitive People have wonderful imaginations, are very creative, curious, and are known for being very hard workers, great organizers and problem solvers. They are known for being extremely conscientious and meticulous. HSP are blessed with being exceptionally intuitive, caring, compassionate and spiritual. They are also blessed with an incredible aesthetic awareness and appreciation for nature, music and the arts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Initiate Flow

Initiate Flow. The Hub Radio Show for Monday August 11, 2014. View the completely complete playlist for 8-11-14 (CLICK HERE)

Nanu nanu with Weezer, The Rentals, Spider Bags, Twin Peaks, The Wytches, Hobart W Fink and

But I'll bet you can't tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel. You've never actually stood there and looked up at that beautiful ceiling; seen that. If I ask you about women, you'd probably give me a syllabus about your personal favorites. You may have even been laid a few times. But you can't tell me what it feels like to wake up next to a woman and feel truly happy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Line Is Disappearing

The Line Is Disappearing. The Hub Radio Show for Monday July 21, 2014. View the completely balanced playlist for 7-21-14 (CLICK HERE)

Weeble wooble Hundred Waters, Tom Vek, Miniature Tigers, Glass Towers, Painted Palms

This former Greek steamer once plied the seas with 385 feet of keel and a 50-foot beam. But upon its arrival in Bermuda in 1939, her captain miscalculated her position because the St. David’s Lighthouse was under a blackout due to the war. A few hundred feet from shore, it struck the reef. The remains of the Pelinaion are now scattered on the reef.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Supermoon. The Hub Radio Show for Monday July 14, 2014. View the completely lunar playlist for 7-14-14 (CLICK HERE)

Pull the tide The Black Keys, Spoon, Owen Pallett, Beck, Sharon Van Etten

The full moon cycle is the period between alignments of the lunar perigee with the sun and the earth, which is about 13.9443 synodic months (about 411.8 days). Thus approximately every 14th full moon will be a supermoon. However, halfway through the cycle the full moon will be close to apogee, and the new moons immediately before and after can be supermoons. Thus there may be as many as three supermoons per full moon cycle.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Make Sense Of The World

Make Sense Of The World. The Hub Radio Show for Monday July 7, 2014. View the completley global playlist for 7-7-14 (CLICK HERE)

Rotate slowly with Say Hi, How To Dress Well, My Brightest Diamond, Viet Cong, Strand of Oaks and um

Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming about 300 million years ago. It began to break apart around 200 million years ago. The single global ocean which surrounded Pangaea is accordingly named Panthalassa.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Go Swimming

Let's Go Swimming. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 30, 2014. View the completely aqua playlist for 6-30-14 (CLICK HERE)

Miniature Tigers, Teleman, Secret Cities, Colorful Rhythm, PHOX and Island Boy

Swimming is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime. The health benefits swimming offers to a swimmer are worth the effort it takes to get to the swimming pool, get into your swimsuit, and then get into that pool and swim. If you do not know how to swim, taking swimming lessons.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Music For Staring At Candles

Music For Staring At Candles. The Hub Radio Show Monday June 23, 2014. View the completely listener generated playlist for 6-23-14 (CLICK HERE)

Run and hide Spoon, Jack White, The Rentals, Sonic Avenues, Greys, Parquet Courts

And then the betrayal that, wow, you're completely stripped bare because it's from the inside. It's an inside job. I really liked the idea that Scarlet takes a taxi all the way... all the way down. Because, let's face it, the people—she doesn't want to hitch a ride with anybody she knows, are you kidding me? I kind of loved the idea that all these things can happen in a stranger's car.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm Not There

I'm Not There. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 9, 2014. Big thanks to Dal for sitting in. View the completely suitable playlist (CLICK HERE)

There are many benefits that come from social leisure, such as the development of character, self-identity, and understanding of a communal setting or hierarchy. One key ingredient of social leisure that tends to be overlooked is the concept of mealtime being an important part of social leisure. It is during mealtimes where many individuals develop their social skills and character that defines an individual.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep On Creepin' On

Keep On Creepin' On. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 2, 2014. View the completely stealth playlist for 6-2-14 (CLICK HERE)

Nominal readings The Orwells, Archie Bronson Outfit, Parquet Courts, Gold-Bears, Herzog and

DalĂ­ was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Remember. The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 26, 2014. View the completely reflective playlist for 5-26-14 (CLICK HERE)

 Owen Pallett, Busman's Holiday, Kishi Bashi, Yann Tiersen, The Goastt

Make sense www.KXCI.org 

In the warming house, children lace their skates,   
bending, choked, over their thick jackets.  A Franklin stove keeps the place so cozy it’s hard to imagine why anyone would leave,clumping across the frozen beach to the river.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brisk Unrestrained Uplifting

Brisk Unrestrained Uplifting. The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 19, 2014. View the completely positive playlist for 5-19-14 (CLICK HERE)

Chop chop The Black Keys, Cloud Nothings, Herzog, Jeffertitti's Nile, Trans Am, Pujol

The source www.KXCI.org

It has been regarded as something of a "cult" car since its 1960s association with the hippie movement and surf culture; and the obvious attributes of its unique and quirky design along with its low price. (For example, the Beetle could float on water thanks to its sealed floor pans and overall tight construction, as shown in the 1972 Volkswagen commercial.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks. The Hub Radio Show for Monday May 12, 2014. View the completely sunshine playlist for 5/12/14 (CLICK HERE)

Shortstop with Lykke Li, Mirah, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Deleted Scenes, Broken Twin, Chet Faker

Let's play two www.KXCI.org

Noted for his sunny disposition, excellent all-around play and his powerful home runs, Ernie Banks was always a favorite of Chicago Cubs fans. Banks was chosen to play in the All-Star Game during 11 seasons, was twice voted the National League Most Valuable Player and knocked 512 home runs during his 19-year career with the Cubs. He twice led the National League in home runs and RBIs and picked up a Gold Glove Award in 1960. Mr. Cub displayed his perpetual love for the game with his signature phrase, "Let's play two!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo. The Hub Radio Show Monday May 5, 2014. View the completely victorious playlist for 5-5-14 (CLICK HERE)

Cumbia and clams Lana Del Rey, BOOTS, MO, Big Scary, Lincoln Jesser, Andre Obin and Chrome Sparks

Welcome to the sound www.KXCI.org

Cinco De Mayo is not Mexico’s independence day. Rather, it’s a holiday that celebrates the Mexican militia’s victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 after hostilities arose over a moratorium imposed by the Mexican government on its external debt to European countries.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good To The Last Drop

Good To The Last Drop. The Hub Radio Show Monday 4/28/14. View the completely aqua playlist for 4/28/14 (CLICK HERE)

Weeble wobble Eels, Beck, The War On Drugs, Wye Oak, Joan As Police Woman and well


Psychedelic Water Drop
The plastic bag with the heavy water sat atop the overhead projector. Mosley held the eyedropper high above the waiting pool of color and squeezed out one drop. Later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Your Dreams Come True

Make Your Dreams Come True. The Hub Radio Show for Monday Aprilo 21, 2014. View the completly positive playlist for 4-21-14 (CLICK HERE)

Click clack TEEN , Strange Talk, Villagers, Shit Robot, Pattern Is Movement, Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks and and

Think Different www.KXCI.org

Unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision, created strange creatures from everyday objects and developed painting techniques that allowed the unconscious to express itself and/or an idea/concept

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

Blood Moon. The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 14, 2014. View the completely lunar playlist for 4/14/14 (CLICK HERE)

The tide is high Atmosphere, Bike For Three!, Chimurenga Renaissance, Grieves and um.

Real People www.KXCI.org

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow). This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned (in "syzygy") exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, a lunar eclipse can only occur the night of a full moon

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Smells Like

Smells Like. The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 7, 2014. View the completely olfactory playlist for 4/7/14 (CLICK HERE)

Uh-huh The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica, Winter Gloves, c.h.a.o.s. productions, DJ Schmolli, DJ Morgoth, DJ Moule and on.

Be kind rewind www.KXCI.org

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994) was an American musician and artist.
He was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain formed Nirvana with Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1985 and established it as part of the Seattle music scene.
After signing with major label DGC Records, the band found breakthrough success with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from its second album Nevermind (1991).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 31, 2014. View the completely dust-free playlist for 3-31-14 (CLICK HERE)

Bob and weave Bike For Three!, Chimurenga Renaissance, Mr. Little Jeans, Heathers, Panther God and el

Independent media in Tucson AZ www.KXCI.org

Top Hat and Tiki Torch
She posed in the photographer's studio with his Top Hat. The picture needed a composition element so he found a wood bracket and had her hold it in front. Later...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ironclad Alibi

Ironclad Alibi. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 24, 2014. View Megan's playlist (CLICK HERE)

I was not there, so from last week Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, Kevin Drew, Mahayla, Ghost Beach, Joywave more.

Thanks to Megan for sitting in.

This started it all. You strike a key and the typesetter prints the block letter on the paper. The feel of depositing the ink on the wood pulp is like no other. Powerful. Later...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Green. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 17, 2014. View the completely celtic playlist for 3/17/14 (CLICK HERE)

Click clack clatter Woodsman, Black Lips, Frank Ocean + Mick Jones and Paul Simonon + Diplo, Quilt and Dead Gaze

Support independent community radio www.KXCI.org

Surprisingly sexy cartoons with a soupcon of wit and a potent jot of crazy. The soundtrack would include Little Feat and The Mothers. Later...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eyes Dominate the Ears

Eyes Dominate the Ears. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 10, 2014. View the completely visual playlist for 3/10/14 (CLICK HERE)

Rattle and hum with Eagulls, Ume, The Men, Cloud Nothings, Bleeding Rainbow 

Spring membership drive www.KXCI.org

The Mantis was an independent, locally grown insect with an eye for beauty. Prone in deep meditation, the mantis joined in the plee. Later...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Want You To Be Happy

I Just Want You To Be Happy. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 3, 2014. View the completely felicitous playlist for 3/3/14 (CLICK HERE)

Turn that frown around Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, NO, Lo-Fang, Wild Beasts, Quilt, Eternal Summers and oh um.

Spring membership Drive www.KXCI.org

Brain Freeze
Timmy, Tommy and Duke were on the hit reality show 'Think Out Of The Box'. Tommy wanted a memorable picture. They wanted to be the Manny, Moe and Jack of their generation. Later...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worship Of The Imperfect

Worship Of The Imperfect. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 24, 2014. View the completely tonic playlist for 2/24/14 (CLICK HERE)

Woolly bully Thumpers, Painted Palms, Lo-Fang, Arthur Beatrice, NO 

Big Shoes
I have had the same old beat-up shoes since Carter was in the White House. Changed the laces a dozen times, resoled them once, lost and then found them, washed dog shit and puke from them, used them as a pillow. Later...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 17, 2014. View the completely patriotic playlist for 2/17/14 (CLICK HERE)

Executive branch thing Actress, Clams Casino, Kasim Keto, Eluvium, ceo, Illum Sphere and oh um

Honest Abe
For some reason jokes about old Abe never get a laugh. It's like the El Dorado of comedians. The unobtainable treasure at the end of a mythical rainbow. It might be the gravitas in his eyes that precludes mirth. Later...