Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disembodied, But In A Good Way

Disembodied, but in a good way.  The Hub Radio show for Monday September 17, 2012.  View the completely truncated playlist for 9/17/12 (CLICK HERE)

Floating and and flitting with Django Django, Flying Lotus, Matthew Dear, Smoke & Jackal, Shuttle and more.

Fall pledge drive www.KXCI.org

Not Frida
"I am not Frida Kahlo,' Mary would quietly whisper when complete strangers would inquire.  She was flattered and all that, but c'mon already.  It didn't help she was also an artist and quite good at that.  Later...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get Your Groove Back

Get Your Groove Back. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 10, 2012. View the completely routine playlist for 9/10/12 (CLICK HERE)

Harmonious organizations conducted by Passion Pit, The Cast Of Cheers, Niki & The Dove, Animal Collective, Tame Impala and more.

Community radio www.KXCI.org

Matthew Now
He built a Kingdom for a hat and then became the woman he knew he always was.  When Matthew placed the surprizingly light crown on his head a sea change took place.  A long hard road now seemed like the tip of a hat.  Later...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Marinated!  The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 3, 2012. View the completely laborious playlist for 9/3/12 (CLICK HERE)

We went 'Old School' for this late night pool party with The Sugarhill Gang, Tom Tom Club, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, Tone Loc and more.

KXCI is listener supported radio in Tucson Arizona www.KXCI.org

Hand-painted skull was at first macabre and now quaint. The snake around the eye was a group favorite. Ernesto had perfect teeth--almost too perfect. In life, his grin was never the picture of amusement, rather the start of a chain of events that ultimately brought sadness. Later...