Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hippie Long Songing

Hippie Long Songing. The Hub Radio show for Monday February 27, 2012. The view completey ah-ohm playlist for 2/27/12 (CLICK HERE)

With a little help from my friends Jimi Hendrix, Ultimate Spinach, The Human Beinz, Cactus, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Harvey Mandel, Golden Earring and more.

2012 Membership Drive www.KXCI.org 

Song Work
Marty always sat on the same stump to work on his ukulele songs. After a time, all of the creatures of the glade joined him as he composed songs of unrequited love and food. Soon they would all have a souveneer hat from the magic kingdom. Later...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feet to the Fire

Feet to the Fire. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 20, 2012. View the completely voluntary playlist for 2/20/12 (CLICK HERE)

The musical magic conjured up by Frankie Rose, Hospitality, Liftoff, Silver Swans, Young Magic, Field Music, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Terry Malts, TS & The Past Haunts, and more.

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Marina Twist Lesson
Marina was new to Dallas. She wanted to do all of the modern American dances including the Twist. She put the Chubby Checker 45 on the record player. She followed the instructions but never got her hips to move just right. Later...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ditat Deus

Ditat Deus. Arizona Centennial celebration Valentine's Day 1912-2012. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 13, 2012. View the complete playlist for this auspicious occasion (CLICK HERE)

Give it up for the bands TS & The Past Haunts, Dr. Dog, Little Barrie, Liftoff, Polica, Hospitality, Memoryhouse, Young Magic, Beach Fossils, Yellowbirds and more.

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Poker Face
Brando still had his makeup on as he looked at aces and eights. John, the old college prof and his compadre Reynaldo shared a private laugh and later fled for old Mexico with all of the actor's money. Later...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soundtrack For The Rapture

Soundtrack For The Rapture. The Hub Radio Show for Monday February 6, 2012. View the completely irrational playlist for 2/6/12 (CLICK HERE)

The participants in this madness Cloud Nothings, Grace Woodroffe, Terry Malts, Pontiak, Gonjasufi, Polica, Young Magic, Buxton, Mansions On The Moon and many more.

One for the money, two for the show www.KXCI.org

Butterfly Hairbrush
Artemis was unbelievable. Her heart was broken into a million pieces and she continued to clean houses like nothing else mattered in the world.  She was drunk when she picked up the hairbrush and pulled every single hair out of the right side of her head. They found her passed out in the master bedroom with the ring in the pocket of her apron.  Later...