Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hippie Hub...for no reason at all...just a Hippie Dang Hub!

Hippie Hub in love.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday April 11, 2011.  View the entirely righteous playlist for 4/11/11 (CLICK HERE) 

The shake, rattle and hum provided by 5th Dimension, Sagittarius, Earth Opera, Harvey Mandel, Jo Mama, The Flock, Space Opera, Patto, The Small Faces, Crazy Horse, Love, Moby Grape, Dennis Coffey, and more.

Stream live and check out past playlists at http://www.kxci.org/

I was on TV
The Glam Fairy gave her smokey eyes and she wore my little pony in her hair like a barrette.  It was over the top, but she was in love and she was with the woman of her dreams.  Through the tears, dancing, kisses, and running around she looked like a princess for one night.
Later, she softly purged and brushed her teeth with a mascara brush.

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