Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fun Facts About Names

Fun Facts About Names. The Hub Radio Show for Monday March 6, 2017. View the completely jovial playlist for 3-6-17 (CLICK HERE)

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Fun Facts About Names Day is day to explore for interesting facts about names. These can be facts about your name (first or last), about a friend or family member's, or about names in general. 
What does your name mean?  What famous people have shared your name?  Was your name changed when it was Americanized?  What other words or phrases can you make from your name by rearranging the letters?  Does Pigpen in the Peanuts cartoon (or other cartoon/fictional characters) have a last name?  What were the names of the dogs who lived in the White House? This holiday is part of the Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW) which was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist Jerry Hill.

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