Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hippie Haboob

Hippie Haboob. The Hub Radio Show for Monday January 2, 2012.  View the completely electric playlist for 1/2/12 (CLICK HERE)

They sang the body electric Jackie Lomax, Pretty Things, The Koobas, Billy Nicholls, Michael Chapman, Bamboo , Billy Preston, Mary Hopkins, Seatrain, Arlo Guthrie and other forceful artist.

View the complete lineup and recycle a Christmas tree at www.KXCI.org

Bone of 2011 wings away
Rex the Wonder Dog was a patient canine. He was a bit tipsy from the spiked nog, but as the midnight hour approached he watched for the flight of the old year bone with a keen eye. He had no concept of 'future' he just knew the Year of the Dragon had always been powerful for him.  Later...

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