Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glorious Mistakes

Glorious Mistakes.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday December 26, 2011.  View the completely resplendent playlist for 12/26/11 (CLICK HERE)

The magnificent, delightful music was contructed note by note by Sleigh Bells, Races, The Naked & Famous, Mwahaha, The Black Keys, Islands, Nerves Junior and Miike Snow.  Praise them all for the effort.

More and less at www.KXCI.org

Bunny Bearhead
She slapped him and threw back the heart-shaped box of chocolates the second he uttered the word, 'sorry'.  She reluctantly put on the bear head.  It smelled like the inside of a rental bowling shoe.  Bunny climbed up onto the giant french soup bowl and struck the pose.  Later...

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