Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hipster Music Cycle: Outsider, Precipice, Mainstream, Decline, Ironic, Nostalgia. Rinse and repeat. The Hub Radio Show for Monday June 28, 2010. To view the entire playlist for 6/28/10 (CLICK HERE)

Willing participants included Tame Impala, Candy Claws, What Laura Says, The Harvey Girls, Deastro, Trentmoller, Neighbors, Tamaryn, MNDR and several other right on rudies. Click on a name or view the entire playlist above...or not, really free to participate at any level.

Listen live every Mondat night 10:00pm--12:00am http://www.kxci.org/

Life's just a game, you fly a paper plane, there is no end


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