Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Psychedelic Pool Party

Psychedelic Pool Party. The Hub Radio Show for Monday July 3, 2017. View the completely independence day playlist for 7-3-17 (CLICK HERE)

Jefferson Airplane , Donovan, The Who, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Van Dyke Parks

Bakshi apologizes to his hosts; then needs to go to the bathroom. He wanders through the house, opening doors and barging in on various servants and guests in embarrassing situations. He ends up in the back yard, where he accidentally sets off the irrigation sprinklers. At Divot's insistence, Monet gives an impromptu guitar performance of "Nothing to Lose," to impress the guests. Bakshi goes upstairs, where he saves Monet from Divot by dislodging Divot's toupee. Bakshi finally finds a bathroom, but he breaks the toilet, drops a painting in it, gets toilet paper everywhere, and floods the bathroom. To avoid being discovered Bakshi sneaks out on the roof and falls into the pool.

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