Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine. Hub Radio Show for Monday June 12, 2017. View the completely spooky playlist for 6-12-17 (CLICK HERE)

The War On Drugs, Jr. Jr., alt-J , Washed Out, Arcade Fire, Nym

There is a doctrine about the nature and place of the mind which is prevalent among theorists, to which most philosophers, psychologists and religious teachers subscribe with minor reservations. Although they admit certain theoretical difficulties in it, they tend to assume that these can be overcome without serious modifications being made to the architecture of the theory.... [the doctrine states that] with the doubtful exceptions of the mentally-incompetent and infants-in-arms, every human being has both a body and a mind. ... The body and the mind are ordinarily harnessed together, but after the death of the body the mind may continue to exist and function.

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