Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Woodchucks Hibernate Now

Woodchucks Hibernate Now. The Hub Radio Show for Monday September 26, 2016. View the completely shadowy playlist for 9-26-16 (CLICK HERE)

Curse of Lono, Crushed Out, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Warehouse, EZTV

Surprisingly, the name woodchuck doesn’t have anything to do with wood. It’s thought to be a corruption of the Native American words wejack, woodshaw, or woodchoock. It may have its roots in the Algonquian (or perhaps Narragansett) name for the animal: wuchak.  Other sources claim it’s a bastardization of the Cree word otchek for “fisher” or the Ojibwe ojiig, also for “fisher” or “marten,” which Europeans appropriated and misapplied to the groundhog.  So how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? None, apparently.

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