Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pawnbroker Night

Pawnbroker Night on The Hub. Mid-70s Nightclub and Restaurant with all of Tucson's best bands and musicians. The usual suspects and some rare tracks. The Hub Radio show for 9-9-13. View tracklist for the show (CLICK HERE)

Bands include Ictus, The Jeff Daniel Group, Straight Shot, The Frank & Woody Show, Bob Meighan Band, The Dusty Chaps, and others. Hour one posted now. Hour two will be up Friday (9-13-13)
Straight Shot at the Pawnbroker
There was a shower in the manager's office bathroom so you could freshen up after a shift in the kitchen. A beer and a shot and the best country swing dancing in Tucson. Oxbow-great, Stumble Inn-great, Pawnbroker-the best. The start of a long love affair with this town. Later...


  1. Should I be nervous that you know about my shower yet I do not recall your name? Lisa

  2. Nick--a friend of John Murphy's. I worked in the kitchen as a cook and also on the floor as a waiter.

  3. Bob...Any possibility a podcast (or some other format) of the show can be made available for expatriates and other out-of-towners ?

  4. Ah, Nick, of course. I remember you easily as well as I remember Murphy. Thanks for the good memories, and Scott is right, I need to be able to download this replay, after all I put up with (you rascals), don't you think I deserve it? I remember it all so fondly, but not so clearly. Possibly a good thing. Lisa

  5. I'll post both hours of the Pawnbroker show for download. I wasn't sure there would be any interest. Thanks for the memory. We were pretty rascally back in the day. Looks like I may have to do a Pawnbroker II show.

  6. Bob...I could have sworn you sent me a message saying that the PB show was available to listen to. I can't find the email or the link. Can you resend or post the link here ?

    1. Send me an email girthbob at gmail dot com and I will reply with some sort of solution for you. I re-posted both hours of the show for download for almost 2 weeks, but had to move on. Sorry. Email me and we can work something out.