Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally Able To Stand Tall

Finally Able To Stand Tall.  The Hub Radio Show for Monday November 21, 2011.  To view the completely coherent playlist for 11/21/11 (CLICK HERE)

Tonight on The Hub we deviated from the well worn path and mixed things up.  Starting off the first hour with local Tucson musician Bill Martin (http://www.billmartinmusic.com/) and finished up with The Beach Boys 'The Smile Sessions' in its entirety for the final hour. And tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill.

A great review of 'The Smile Sessions' here

Stand Tall
It was the aural equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster.  Adrift from time, both familiar and strange.  If you squinted at it just so, the disorientation came from the juxtaposition.  The strength as a full piece is staggering.  Later...
The Beach Boys Surf's Up mp3

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