Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Riding A Bear Into The Sunset

Riding A Bear Into The Sunset. The Hub Radio Show for Monday October 3, 2011.  To view the completely ursine playlist for 10/3/11 (CLICK HERE)

The feral cacophony provided by Van Hunt , Slow Club, Nurses, Future Islands, Lotus, DJ Shadow, Guineafowl, Twin Shadow, Teengirl Fantasy and more.

A good place to start www.KXCI.org

Bird headed Baby
Halsey crept slowly to the bird baby god with his offering of raw unprocessed honey.  He would later join his ancestors in a pantheon of peacemakers ingested by the unforgiving demagogue.  Theirs was an angry, vengeful god.  No friendly gesture went unrewarded.  Later...

Fruit Bats Youre Too Weird mp3

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