Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 6th Anniversary of The Hub Radio Show Monday January 11, 2010. Although I usually play current releases and mostly new tracks on The Hub, this last Monday I featured music from 40 years ago. A celebration of California bands heard on Underground FM radio from the late 60s through about 1972. Artists from L.A. and S.F. only in a mano-a-mano showdown. A "no-holds-barred" deep track cage fight pitting The Strip vs The Haight. It was a No Cal vs So Cal set-by-set musical knockdown dragout hippiefest. Moby Grape v Love, Buffalo Springfield v The Charlatans, The Doors v Jefferson Airplane, Spirit v Mother Earth. Dab a little patchouli oil behind your ears, light up that strobe candle and let's hippie dance like it's 1970. Love and Peace.

To view the entire play list (CLICK HERE)

And this is how it made me feel

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